I like using these to prep for both #weightlifiting and #gymnastics.

Learning to recruit the mid-back and lats WHILE firing properly through the hips is also key for sports like #rugby and #MMA.
performance points:

  1. start from a deadlift and lower down into position. This is how you access the best glute/ham synergy.
  2. pull the bar to your nips, ribs, or belly button.. Not your chest/neck!
  3. don’t be afraid of going light- you have a better chance of using the muscles you want!


You gotta nail the basics!! Take a step back…literally.

Did you notice how almost every event in the CrossFit Open had a significant requirement for hip hinging? If you can’t control your hips, you can’t control your ranking on the leaderboard.

CROSSFIT TRANSFORMATIONS – Lucas Parker Before He Was Famous!

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