‘Not every quinquagenarian would be able to complete Murph and return for more in the same day, but Barry, 59, is physically and mentally strong.

He also has the strength of the community at CrossFit Truro in Cornwall, U.K., behind him. Barry’s friend Mark Murray says Barry wanted to draw attention to PTSD, the “silent disease,” and “to emphasize the importance of combat stress.”

“Dave is not a soldier,” Murray says, “but (he) has got friends that have suffered from this.” Barry’s friend, Megan Hilley, says, “The fact that Dave is doing such a selfless act for a cause is incredible, and CrossFit’s the perfect platform for that.”’

Barry was able to complete 11 full rounds of Murph in the 24-hour span.

Video by Ross Coughlan. Text direct from CrossFit.

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