A good coach can make or break an athlete. Look at what Katrin achieved once she started working with Ben Bergeron for example, back to back wins at The CrossFit Games. Learn more about these 7 top coaches, pick up training tips and make your own training more intelligent and efficient. 

Let´s have a look at some of the best CrossFit coaches to follow:


C.J. Martin is a Level 2 CrossFit instructor, USAW Club Coach and former member of the CrossFit HQ training team. CJ coaches, and has coached, many games level athletes including: Lauren and Garret Fisher, Josh Bridges, Aja Barto, and Michelle Kinney. His secret to train athletes is to get them training together. They push each other.

“The intensity level whether you want it to or not is going to go up when you are side by side next to somebody.”

C.J. Martin believes that it is important for athletes to be surrounded by the community and their peers as well as to have a coach who gives them right directions. A coach who gets them closer to their goal. In his opinion, crossfit is not only about achieving a certain goal. It is about enjoying the process. Balancing training with recovery is very important. It is not only reps and sets. For C.J. Martin fun is to see all the like-minded people who are creating one community. Crossfit is life lessons. He is also doing online coaching.

C.J. thinks crossfit is much more sophisticated than in the past years and that there is no other sport where you have to manage as many skills and strength qualities as in this one.

“One thing which I won´t fail on is my kids.”

CrossFit takes many sacrifices but C.J. would never sacrifice his kids for the job even though he sometimes feels uncomfortable because of not being in the best shape.

He is also co-founder of Kids Helping Kids, a non-profit organization that has raised nearly $4 million for neo-natal intensive care and pediatric units throughout Oregon, and he currently serves on the Board of Directors of San Diego Youth Services.

What a weekend! I celebrated my 40th birthday with some really fit and inspiring people. I couldn’t be prouder of all the Invictus Athletes who took the floor the past 4 days. The entire season plays out in those 4 days, lots of highs and a few lows, but in the end, the character they show in rising when they fall and giving their full effort to achieve their full potential is why I love working with these amazing individuals. A massive thank you to the best support team anyone could ever dream of – Karen and Jim Martin put in more hours than any athlete or coach to make sure meals were prepared, laundry was washed, and every single detail was taken care of so that the rest of us could focus solely on competing. Now off to see Courtney and the kids and spend some quality family time to reboot! @laurenfisher @holtekristin @reganhuckaby @caseyjcampbell @camillelbaz @alexanderson29 @garretmfisher @holdenrethwill @krazy_kmart @invictuspops @courtlauren24 @tinomarini

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