If you do CrossFit and your lats aren’t coming to the party for movements like snatch, clean, pull ups, toes to bar and muscles ups… you’re going to have a bad time!

Not only will you be losing a ton of strength by not engaging them in the right way, but you’ll also be left susceptible to shoulder issues and problems like bicep tendonitis will be on the menu too from overuse of your smaller muscles!

To keep on top of this, here is a phenomenal warm up that you can add into your CrossFit training that will help you to fire up your lats before your session. With your lats pre-primed your body knows to use them as the primary mover for your most awesome skill movements!

All you’ll need is 2 fractional plates and 2 minutes!

Make sure to roll your shoulders up back and down before you start to keep your traps relaxed and your lats in a strong position. Remember that this movement starts and finishes at the top, so your “rest” point is actually when your lats are the most active! If you’re shaking, you’re doing it right!

If you found this helpful and would like to see more awesome mobility drills like this head over to tommorrison.uk

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