Lyndon has been doing CrossFit at Reebok CrossFit Tyneside for only 5 weeks and didn’t hesitate to sign up for the Open. we spoke with Lyndon straight after 17.2 to find out more.

Paul – what did you think when you saw what 17.2 consisted of?

Lyndon- I watched on youtube and was unsure of how it could be adapted for me but I went for a swim went to the gym and was like yep I am ready to crush this! I felt even better when you worked out how we were going to adapt it for me and now I just feel great it was amazing.


Emma – what made you sign up to CrossFit?

Lyndon- I have always loved working out in the gym with friends but always felt like I needed that something extra. I knew my uncle did CrossFit so I watched it on YouTube and was like this is it I need to sign up! I needed that Extra and get that from CrossFit, I was made to feel inclusive instead of exclusive which is important to me.

Emma – What made you sign up to The Open? You hear a lot of people saying I am not signing up because I am not fit enough, or I haven’t got all the movements, so why did you sign up?

Lyndon- Everything that comes at me that’s a challenge, I am like yes I’ll sign up, lets go and see what happens. I like to share my experiences through social media to show that you can adapt, you can push and to show that its about your mental attitude and how you can use that to take yourself forward.

I also signed up in the hope that other adaptive athletes and Crossfitters think well if he can so can I. I want to show that it’s possible.

Paul – what’s your goal been in The Open?

Lyndon – To challenge myself. You have helped with that with the way you adapt the workouts so that I am able to push myself mentally and physically every time.

Emma – What have you enjoyed about the community in the Open?

Lyndon – how everyone is driven, supportive of each other and pushes themselves. It is inspiring to see so many people pushing themselves out of their own comfort zone, the reebok Tyneside community is like a family and I am a part of that. It’s amazing!

Emma – what do you do outside of CrossFit?

I attend University studying sports management and swim every day.

And what’s are your Goals?

Lyndon – I missed out on the London Olympics by 10 seconds and Rio by 5 seconds. My goal is to make the para Olympic team for Tokyo 2020 and I believe CrossFit will help me achieve this.

I am a big believer of the right mindset. Believe and Achieve is my motto, Set Smart Goals, learn to believe in yourself and surround yourself with those that believe in you. Chip away every day and you will start achieving amazing things.


Great night out with family and an awesome friend @dbannatyne #friends #family

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Lyndon Longhorne – Member/Athlete at reebok crossfit Tyneside

Paul Warrior – Head coach at reebok crossfit Tyneside  and warrior programming

Emma Hackett – Peak Performance coach at Reebok Crossfit Tyneside/limitlesscoaching

You can follow Lyndon on his Open journey and Olympic dreams @lyndonlonghorne

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