Following the Age Group Online Qualifier, CrossFit has released the final leaderboard for each Master and Teenage division, revealing the top athletes that will head to Madison this summer.

The top 10 athletes in each age group division have qualified to the Games. Their competitions will take place the week of July 29 – August 4.

Following the Open, the top 200 age group athletes are invited to participate at the Age Group Online Qualifier. Each athlete then submits their scores and/or videos following five workouts, in a format similar to the Open.

Here are each division’s leaderboards.

Men 35-39

1 Nicholas Urankar   United States  
2 David Santa Cruz Borgstrand   Sweden
3 Justin King   United States  
4 Kyle Kasperbauer   United States  
5 Kevin Longmeier   United States  
6 Alexandre Jolivet   France  
7 Michael Laverriere   Canada  
8 Sigurður Þrastarson   Iceland  
9 Stefan Helgi Einarsson   Iceland  
10 Jordan Troyan   United States  
Nick Urankar during Clean and Jerk Speed Ladder
Nick Urankar during Clean and Jerk Speed Ladder CrossFit Games 2018

Women 35-39

1 Ursula Fasel   Switzerland  
2 Alethea Boon   New Zealand  
3 Hope Cicero   United States  
4 Rebecca Voigt Miller   United States  
5 Susana Rodrigues Etto   Brazil  
6 Anna Tobias   United States  
7 Carleen Mathews   United States  
8 Jenn Ryan   United States  
9 Corrin Lemieux   United States  
10 Jolene Quirke   United States  
alethea boon crossfit games 2017

Alethea Boon at the CrossFit Games 2017

© Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Men 40-44

men 40-44 online qualifier leaderboard

Women 40-44

women 40-44 online qualifier leaderboard

Men 45-49

men 45-49 online qualifier leaderboard

Women 45-49

women 45-49 online qualifier leaderboard

Rotator-janet-black crossfit games

Janet Black at the 2015 CrossFit Games

Men 50-54

men 50-54 online qualifier leaderboard

Women 50-54

women 50-54 online qualifier leaderboard

Men 55-59

men 55-59 online qualifier leaderboard

Women 55-59

women 55-59 online qualifier leaderboard

Men 60+

men 60+ online qualifier leaderboard

Women 60+

women 60+ online qualifier leaderboard

Boys 16-17

boys 16-17 online qualifier leaderboard

Dallin Pepper CrossFit Games 2018

Dallin Pepper CrossFit Games 2018

© Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Girls 16-17

girls 16-17 online qualifier leaderboard

lea malo and smith crossfit games teens

Boys 14-15

boys 14-15 online qualifier leaderboard

Girls 14-15

girls 14-15 online qualifier leaderoard

Have a look at the 2019 Age Group Online Qualifier workouts

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