Building Muscle is one the primary reasons that we lift. Many lifters first inspirations to enter the gym were seeing the incredible physiques of bodybuilders. The best methods and strategies to build muscle are often debated and misunderstood. Thankfully, Dr. Mike Israetel is here to share with you simple but effective strategies to help you build more muscle. Check out our Hypertrophy Guide series of videos to better understand volume parameters, preferred exercises and best practices to increase muscular size.


Dr. Mike Israetel explains some key parameters of training the chest for hypertrophy.


Dr. Mike Israetel breaks down all the important factors of building a massive back.


After learning from Dr. Mike Israetel everyone will be calling you the Quadfather.


Turn those Hamstrings into Pork Chords with these tips from Dr. Mike Israetel

Front Delts

Build bigger shoulders with these tips from Dr. Mike Israetel.

Side/Rear Delts

Dr. Mike Israetel continues the Hypertrophy Guide series with Rear & Side Delts.


Dr. Mike Israetel welcomes you to Trap City.


The moment you’ve all been waiting for…BICEPS!!


Dr. Mike Israetel breaks down some general guidelines to help you maximize the effectiveness of your tricep training.


Cake, Peach, Booty…whatever you call it, people wanna know how to build it. Dr. Mike Israetel brings you the Glute Hypertrophy Guide.


Calves are notoriously one of the most frustrating muscles to grow but in this video, Dr. Mike Israetel will help you tackle this problematic area.


We conclude our Hypertrophy Guide Series with Abs.

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