The Strong Coach Season 2 kicks off with an epilogue with head Coach Danny Rios, a recent Strong Coach Graduate April Flaten, and the co-host Doug Larson.

April is one of the very first clients to graduate the program and has created a position in the fitness industry that fits her lifestyle and business goals.

The core principles we discuss are:

Personal Development
In this course, we go over how you can become the best, truest version of yourself — and help clients do the same. You’ll learn goal-setting techniques that will promote exponential growth for you and your clients.

Language Skills
Foster better communication with clients and potential clients by understanding the power of your words. Learn what the best coaches already know to clearly communicate in every moment with confidence.

Time & Energy Cultivation
Adopt the planning and scheduling formulas that Mike Bledsoe has practiced for years to conquer every single day and avoid burning out, including strategies to help you get more done in less time.
These skills are available through The Strong Coach Program and waiting for you.

Our mission is simple, “guiding coaches to their greatness.”

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