“Dr. T,

I have been having SI Joint pain in my low back for the last 3 weeks. Throughout the day, there is a low level of pain radiating in my glutes. The pain is not so bad that I cannot work out, but I do not want to injure the area any more.

It seems like any time there is a squatting motion programmed, the SI Joint flares up more than anything else. I know where it hurts, but I am not certain where the pain is coming from.

Everything I read tells me squatting is bad, but I love working out and do not want to stop.

Is there something I can do to keep moving, understand why squatting irritates my SI Joint, and get rid of this nagging pain?

— Megan (Austin, TX)


The SI Joint is always a hot topic in the clinic so you are not alone.

Squatting is a beautiful movement, which is necessary for pelvic and low spine health. However, you start to run into problems when you lack stability in the low spine, your brain recognizes a threat to the body and will initiate a pain signal to your pelvic region.

With a peanut ball (two lacrosse balls taped together), you can walk vertebrae by vertebrae down the low spine, while focusing on diaphragmatic breathing. The breath activates the deep core muscles that stabilize the spine.

Although the pain is radiating from your SI Joint, always spend time above and below the affected area. Starting in the TL-Junction and moving the peanut into the sacrum will allow your brain the chance to create stability at each vertebrae in the low spine.

Take your time, slow down, and breathe deep into your belly.


Before you enter the gym, you can start your day cultivating quality movement to help you move pain free. The Low Back Fix morning routine is designed specifically to eliminate low back pain and turn the rest of you day in to a corrective exercise. The Low Back Fix morning routine incorporates proper breathing, mobility, and movements specific to eliminating lower back pain. 

To gain instant access to The Low Back Fix morning routine, click the link below.

Thanks for reading!


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