Christmas Abbott is a professional athlete, a CrossFit Games competitor, an olympic weightlifter, and NASCAR Pit Crew. She is also a branding advisor, working with individuals and teams to craft their own unique brand, helping them to put their best foot forward and share their passion with others.

Christmas is also a transformational guru, creator of Christmas Abbott Nutrition, Oxygen Magazine Trainer Challenge Head Trainer, Badass Body Diet Creator, online fitness coach, motivational speaker, keynote speaker and national bestselling author.

Flash news! Christmas is launching her very own podcast, Building a Badass, on the Shrugged Collective next week! Look out for the first episode on Friday!

In this episode, we talk to Christmas about coming to the Shrugged Collective, training for Nascar, competing in CrossFit, rebuilding through life’s struggles, Big Brother fame and injury, and more.


– Doug and Anders

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Train smart,

Mike, Doug and Anders

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