Michael Cazayoux is co-founder of Brute Strength, and host of Brute Strength Podcast.  At the age of 17, Michael moved from a small town in Louisiana to Utah for drug rehabilitation. It was that experience that led him to fall in love with CrossFit and helping others through coaching and mentoring. Prior to coaching multiple CrossFit Game athletes, Michael competed and became a back-to-back Affiliate World Cup Champion in 2012 and 2013 with his team “Hackspack.”

Michael was recently featured on The Strong Coach  — Being the Steward of Your Client’s Dreams w/ Michael Cazayoux — 6, and on The Bledsoe Show w/ Adee and Michael Cazayoux: Being Courageous in Relationships #83. He is also married to Adee Zukier Cazayoux, who was recently featured on Barbell Shrugged  — Nutrition for CrossFit Athletes w/ Adee Zukier Cazayoux  — 327 and on The Strong Coach — Coaching Culture w/ Adee Cazayoux — 3.

In this episode, we get into Michael’s life journey, from drug addiction to the CrossFit Games, as well as how he  built Brute Strength, the future of Working Against Gravity, keys to success in building a fitness business, the path to success starts with personal development, and much more.


– Doug and Anders

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Mike, Doug and Anders

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