Underwater training is growing in the mainstream through the work of Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece, and PJ Nestler. XPT, is a training methodology that is revolutionizing strength and conditioning. It combines the practices of breath work, underwater training, ice baths, and saunas into one program that is scalable and easily accessible to the public. This combination allows participants to connect with their nervous system, the down regulatory properties of breath training, as well as the performance metrics needed to push people to their genetic potential. XPT is the wave of the future. Underwater training is growing in popularity and the benefits are being felt worldwide.

XPT Certifications and Experiences: www.XPTLIFE.com.

Laird Hamilton, big wave surfer, inventor, and pioneer of tow surfing and foil boards has been using underwater training to prepare himself for the rigors of big wave surfing for decades. His path to learning about underwater training started by combining rock carrying in the ocean which is a custom training in Hawaii where he is from. The methodology advanced and he has created a system in which he can deploy the training to the masses.

Gabby Reece is a lifelong athlete, model, and entrepreneur most commonly known for her multiple gold medals in beach volleyball. Gabby is often the first test dummy for the training formulated in the brain of Laird Hamilton. Her role at XPT has taken shape in the form of coaching expertise, specifically in the underwater training portion of XPT. Her leadership in and out of the pool can be felt with her powerful voice, calming demeanor, and her background in athletics lets you know she means business.

PJ Nestler is the Director of Performance at XPT and is responsible for creating the curriculum for the XPT experiences and certifications to deploy to the public. Nestler’s background is in MMA and strength and conditioning but specializes in building courses to bring a practical approach to delivering high quality, science based research and coaching to the strength and conditioning community.

In this episode, we talk about breathwork for performance and health, pool training, ice baths for recovery, saunas and heat shock proteins, the XPT certification and experience, and more.


– Doug and Anders

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