Evan DeMarco is a sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms. He is a successful entrepreneur whose interest in diet, health and supplements began as an athlete and consumer determined to improve an industry that was going through massive transformation.

Evan is currently Director Market Development at The KD Pharma Group, his main focus is working to fix the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio, which is big a problem in the Western American Diet.

In this episode, Evan covers the importance of having high quality omegas and the correlations between price and quality. He also goes into detail about the process of creating fish oil from the oceans of Peru and Chile, to the bottle and how variance in processing relates to the quality of the end product, and much more.


– Doug and Anders

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Inflammation resolution

Starting out making prenatal supplements, Evan got excited about fish oil when he found out he was going to be a father. He started to get into the science behind the products, what kinds of fish were being used, what fish were best and how to incorporate fish oil into our diets.

With the large impact fish oil can have on “inflammation resolution”, Evan presents interesting points about how it can be combined with new products like CBD to optimize recovery, pain, and overall health.

“Start a journey now so you aren’t paying for it later on.” — Evan Demarco

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Key Takeaways

  • Know the ratios  —  In an omega-3 supplement, it is critical to know what percentage of the product is EPA and DHA versus other omegas. It is common for a quality product to be 18% EPA, 12% DHA giving it a total 30% of quality omegas.
  • EPA vs. DHA  —  DHA is commonly used in prenatal vitamins because it is important for building blocks of the brain, and has also been shown to improve cognition in adults, as well as eye health. EPA is known for helping with recovery, joint pain and combating inflammation.
  • Sorry Vegans  It is almost impossible to effectively get all of your omega-3 fatty acids from flax seeds and chia seeds. Plant-sourced omega-3 only convey in the body at 10%, so it will ultimately take eating a ton of flax and chia seeds.
  • Triglyceride forms  —  When fish oils are processed, they are converted from the triglyceride form (how they naturally occur) to an ethyl-ester form. The high quality products will convert the oil back to triglyceride form, so look for it on the back of the bottle!
  • Dosing fish oil  —  When starting out with supplementing fish oil, 450 mg is a safe place to start. The dose can eventually be ramped up to 2000 mg daily without many risks. If the individual is a competitive athlete or training at a high level, 3000 mg daily can help with recovery and protein synthesis.
  • Sustainability  —  In order to protect the oceans, omega-3 supplements are shifting to sources such as algae, which are considerably more sustainably. There are also benefits in combining these products with CBD oils as a means of combating inflammation.

“ I don’t like the term anti inflammatory, I prefer inflammation resolution.” — Evan Demarco

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