Strength Conditioning/Speed Training Cycle: Week 2 of 5, Wednesday

2 Rounds
Accumulate 1.5 Minutes of Lsit Hold
5 Complexes of: 1 Power Clean, 1 Hang Squat Clean, 3 Push Presses, 3 Push Jerks (95/65)
Not for time. Move at a controlled pace through this prep.

1200 Meter Run
20 Shoulder-to-Overhead (135/95)
8 Ring Muscle-ups
-Rest 2 Minutes-
800 Meter Run
15 Shoulder-to-Overhead (185/130)
8 Ring Muscle-ups
-Rest 1.5 Minutes-
400 Meter Run
10 Shoulder-to-Overhead (225/155)
8 Ring Muscle-ups

Strength Conditioning
Not For Time
50 Ring Push-ups
40 Strict Ring Dips
40 Ring Push-ups
30 Strict Ring Dips
As Big of Sets as Possible.

3 Supersets of:
5 Barbell Bench Press + 20 Neutral Grip Dumbbell Strict Press
Rest Max 2 Minutes Between Sets

Row or Run
Easy 30-40 Minutes

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