Strength Conditioning/Speed Training Cycle: Week 3 of 5, Wednesday

Every 3 Minutes for 5 Rounds
1 Pause Squat Snatch (Pause right above the knees)
1 High Hang Squat Snatch
2 Overhead Squats
@ 70-80% of Max Snatch

Strength Conditioning
3 Rounds, Not For Time
20 Kettlebell Overhead Squats (10 on each arm)
50′ Kettlebell Farmer’s Carry
20 Explosive Bent-over Barbell Back Rows
As Heavy As Possible w/ Good Form
Rest No More Than 2.5 Minutes Between Rounds

5 Rounds
Even Minutes: Bike Calories, Tempo Hard Pace (75-85% Effort)
Odd Minutes: 20 Toes-to-Bar*
*Scale the reps to a challenging number you can complete every round.

30-40 Minutes Easy Pace

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