Threshold Training Cycle: Week 6 of 10, Tuesday

Every 2.5 Minutes for 6 Rounds
1 2-Second Pause Power Clean (Pause Right Above the Knee)
1 Mid Hang Power Clean
1 Jerk
Start @ 70% of Max and Increase to a Max Complex

Strength Conditioning
Minutes 0-2.5
6-8* Back Squats @ 75% of Max
Minutes 2.5-5
3 Pause Back Squats @ 55% of Max
Repeat 3 Times
*If you can maintain good form, go for 8 back squats. If not, stop at 6.

20 Strict Ring Dips
30 Bench Press**
40 Dumbbell Strict Presses (50/35)***
50 GHD Sit-ups
60 Calorie SkiErg****
*This workout is for time, however, move at a controlled pace through the workout. Focus on clean/controlled reps. Strict means strict.
**Bench press is @ 50% of max clean & jerk or 60% of max snatch, whichever is heavier.
***Use two dumbbells, one in each hand.
****If you do not have a SkiErg, use a rower

Easy 3000-6000 Meter Row

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