5 rounds of time of:
Run 450 meters
7 hay bale clean burpees

M 100-lb. sandbag   F 70-lb. sandbag

Athletes will begin each round with a 450-meter run outside of the stadium. Each rep of the hay bale clean burpee will require them to lift the sandbag from the ground, throw it over the hay bale wall, touch their chest to the ground, and then jump themselves over the wall.

The athlete’s score is the total time it takes for them to complete the event.

Time cap: 20 minutes

One of the signature events in Madison doesn’t come with allergy medication, but perhaps it should. Competitors throughout the heats were coated with hay, looking much like muscled scarecrows after Madison Triplet. All in the Games, the top women said. – You could almost see more hay than uniform on @kristi_eramo29 🇺🇸, who might have benefitted from a dust mask as she worked to take 10th. – “A couple of times I took a big inhale right at the bottom of the burpee and I sucked some hay in. … I realized, ‘Don’t do that again,'” she said. – Holte, who took second, pointed to a sea of small wounds on her shins. – “All the small ones, they’re from the hay.” – She took the farm rash in stride: “You get dirty, but it’s the CrossFit Games. … You just have to work hard no matter what the conditions.” – Like Eramo—whose lane was on a crack between stacks of bales—event winner Briggs said the course was a factor in the event even if it didn’t slow her much. Briggs said her hand actually went right through a deteriorating bale late in the event, perhaps lowering the obstacle for the males to follow. – “Did you see how much hay was on the floor? They should put another height on for the guys.” #CrossFitGames 📷 @davexre ✏️ @crossfit204 @romwod

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Sam Briggs created a decent lead and held it for the full event. No other Athletes were able to catch her and she took another Event win at The 2017 CrossFit Games. Holte chased exceptionally well, and has been impressive throughout the events this year. Thuri Helgadottir won the first heat and secured a fourth place finish. Tia-Clair added to her lead by battling through the workout and finishing in third.


Madison Triplet
Madison Triplet

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Madison Triplet © CrossFit Inc

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