Championship Nature Series: Dealing With Fear and Accepting Responsibility

This month, I have three stories to share on the topics of dealing with fear and accepting responsibility. Using illustrations from Joe Montana, the founder of Aikido, and Harry S. Truman, hopefully, next time you're faced with adversity you won't question, "Why me?"

The Leadership Parallels Between the Successful Coach and the Successful Boss

After eight years of competing in strength sports and seven years of supervising employees, I've found that these parts of my life share several similarities when it comes to success. I've learned what makes the best coaches and bosses stand out from the rest. These...

The Two Variables That Change It All: Load and Speed

Your athletes' load and acceleration will vary greatly depending on the skillset and experience of your athletes. Your athletes' levels of experience will impact the ability of what they can and cannot do, as well as how you can assess and train these athletes at each...
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