Recently, Coach Max Aita took 5 weightlifters to the World Masters Games and came back with 4 Medals (3 Gold, 1 Bronze) and 12 Masters World Records. At age 47, Jo Ann Aita, set new Masters World Records (in the 45-49YO age group) with a 71kg/156# Snatch and 85kg/187# Clean and Jerk in the 58kg/128# Weightclass. In this video, Max Aita and multiple Masters World Record holder Jo Ann Aita discuss some important factors in the training of older athletes.

    1. Training History/Athletic Backgound
    2. Injury History
    3. How Much Time Do They Have To Train
    4. What Stage of their Career Are They In
    5. Strategically Selecting Exercises
    6. Improving Movement Quality
    7. Balancing Strength and Speed
    8. Fatigue Management

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