The CrossFit JST team are based at the eponymous Box in Wigan. They are a comprised of a selection of Regional Athletes and top names in the UK CrossFit scene. This ambitious and talented group of dedicated Crossfitters are determined to become the first CrossFit Team from the UK to ever make it to The Games. 

Coached by Cam Nichols, former Olympic Athlete and owner of RowingWOD, this team finished in 5th and 2nd place in the first two events. With his strong leadership and the experience and abilities of the athletes, the rest of the world need to watch out for CrossFit JST, because the British are coming!

team leaderboard
team leaderboard


1st in Europe, 3rd in the World in the 2017 Open
1st in Europe, 3rd in the World in the 2017 Open

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team leaderboard © CrossFit Games

1st in Europe, 3rd in the World in the 2017 Open © CrossFit JST

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