Pat Vellner put in an incredible performance as the 2016 CrossFit Games, finishing in third place. The Canadian newcomer combined his gymnastic background with exceptional raw talent and a humble yet trojan work ethic. In order to qualify, he went through every event in Regionals with a torn bicep after injuring it on the Snatch ladder in the first event. His laid back and affable attitude has won him many supporters, but beneath that lies a sharp mind and great mental tenacity. 

In the East Regionals Pat was constantly fighting against Mat Fraser, and if there is any athlete that looks like they could challenge his reign this year, this Canadian is a strong candidate. Even Dave Castro has marked him down as a potential future winner of The CrossFit Games.  

Dave Castro Explains Which Athlete He Thinks could Beat Mat Fraser This Year at The CrossFit Games


Before Crossfit Pat Vellner trained in gymnastics:

“It’s cool to look back and see where it all began. Just a little weenie starting off in gymnastics. 20ish years later I’m still a weenie just with slightly bigger muscles and worse style.”

Pat is also very honest about his relationship with his training, in both a physical and psychological sense.

With this year’s regionals finish came a huge amount of relief for me. Leading up to the event I had some anxiety, in fact I’ve had it most of the year, because I was concerned that I was simply not good enough. No matter how hard I trained all year, I have been unable to escape a small feeling that I got lucky last year, and that I really don’t belong where I am. I think that many athletes often feel this way and my brother @jvellner recently wrote a blog post about “Imposter Syndrome” related to his experiences in sports and show business as well (link in bio). As athletes we tend to be very hard on ourselves, overly critical of our own shortcomings and sometimes have trouble internalizing our own success. We feel all of the work we put in, but often just continue to see holes while seeing only the successes of others and not their sacrifices. It looks so easy for them right? I personally have struggled with this at times and lack some confidence in my own capacities. Maybe it’s part of what drives me and makes me work so hard, I don’t know. It’s important to remember that we’re all fighting the same battles, everyone is making sacrifices. We’re not machines. I suggest everyone read the Imposter Syndrome post in my bio. It’s an interesting concept, very relatable and easy to read. Anyways, one more regional down, and another ticket to the Games later I may not be an imposter after all, but the journey is just beginning. #crossfit #sacrifices #mentality #reebokcanada #ImposterSyndrome #takecredit #HWPO #bemorehuman @crossfit @crossfitgames @reebokcanada

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