Use these helpful tips from Nicole Carroll to help you perform well in CrossFit Open workout 17.3.

STIMULUS: Heavy & Technical🏋🏻

✅This workout comes down to smartly managing your time and the large jumps in snatch loads!


✅Warm-up by building to the heaviest load that you think you can hit during the workout. Hit at least one rep at this load before the workout starts.
✅While warming up, remember to reinforce the movement standard of a full, smooth catch below parallel. For rx’d, a high catch+pause+ride it down will not count, neither will a power clean+OHS.
✅As the weight gets heavier, snatches punish poor technique. Focus on hitting correct positions when the loading is light. This “greases the groove” for when the loads are heavier.
✅Take a little time to compose yourself before your first heavy lift. You’re going from a weight that is manageable to one that may feel very HEAVY! Take the time to settle and focus in order to set yourself up for success in that first heavy lift.
✅I had a good deal of time for the round at 135# and kept missing reps, even after I hit the weight in my warmup. If this happens again, I might try loading the previous bar to the heaviest weight I’m confident I can hit & take a jump from there to build back up to 135#. This adds time & unscored work however, in the end, it could lead to better success vs. continuing to try and fail at a given load.


✅You can “bank” time for later rounds so steadily work through rounds with manageable weights to give yourself some extra time for the load(s) at which you think you may struggle.


✅Use a butterfly kip or a regular kip. Even fast singles will work. For most of us, this is really not a pull-up workout, it is a snatch workout.


✅17.3 is designed for everyone to meet a load they struggle with or are intimidated by.
Do not be discouraged! Every courageous attempt in the face of possible failure is you getting stronger -physically and mentally.
No matter where your workout will end, step up to that bar, smile to yourself, then grab that weight and give it everything you’ve got!

Go get ’em and good luck! 🍀

*Text quoted from Nicole Carroll*

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