No. Not at all. Don’t be silly. ☺ Games athletes are professional athletes. Professional. Getting fit is not a professional endeavor. Games athletes train 1-3x daily for 2-10 hours each day, and they have a support staff for their issues and recovery. They are professionals. 

What if I’m out of shape and am simply coming from “the couch”? Well, that’s simple (not easy). Any program will help. Just move forward and don’t quit. (Sisu is an Unbreakable Core Value. Look it up.) Move a little bit each day by going for a walk and start writing down what you eat so you know. Do that for a month and look for the next evolution. 

What if I’m strong but not in shape? Or what if I run daily but can’t do one push up let alone a pull up? That’s simple (not easy), add in the component that’s missing. Runners and cardio folks need to find a trainer to teach them how to add resistance training to complement their cardio capacity. Lifters need to add quick circuit training to increase cardio capacity to help balance them out. Here is the truth. If cardio folks add strength training, their runs or bike times will improve because they can hold their bodies in optimal position longer. If lifters are in better shape, then they will be able to lift more and get more done because they won’t need the extended rest time. In both areas, reassess you nutrition habits. 60-70% of all success will be from nutrition. You can’t outwork a bad diet.

How do we train and program at Unbreakable Athletics? We lift daily. We do conditioning daily. We utilize West Side Barbell’s conjugate method to optimize strength training, reduce injuries because of constant variability (definition of conjugate), and optimize speed and power from dynamic days. We have two upper body days and two lower body days. Two other days are for areas we have missed. And there is a rest day. Complementing each lifting session is our conditioning program. This helps keep everyone in shape while focusing on the areas highlighted earlier in the session. It’s simple, not easy. But check our daily results for the constant PR’s set that day. And if you train consistently with a consistent approach to nutation, the results are deadly! Results come much, much faster. 

Where do you need help? What’s best for you? What needs to change and evolve? What needs to happen once you hit a plateau in an area? Contact us for a free Game Plan session:


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