Full Contact Twists are easily one of the Top 5 Movements I’ve ever done for core strength and stability.

They’re especially great at building strength, speed and power in rotation. If you’re an athlete who has to run, throw, punch, hit, kick, etc., then you definitely could benefit from doing some programming in some full contact twists.

  • Principles of technique:
  • Stay tall – vertical spine
  • Hip and shoulders stay facing same direction
  • Feet spin as you rotate
  • Arm stay (mostly) straight
  • Only go as fast, or as heavy, as you can while maintaining all the points of performance.

Like all non-bilateral squatting it’s a little easier on your back since the total spinal loading is much less that it would be if you were doing back squat to failure for the same sets, and reps wit the loading on each individual leg being similar.

Do them as assistance work; light/fast reps for 8-12 sets of 3 or heavy sets 3-5 sets of 5-8.

A truly great addition to your program if you need some more core strength and you want to try something new.


-Doug (@douglaselarson)

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