Rack the bar on your SHOULDERS… not in your hands… and/or your chest. . . . . . . . The best place to rack a barbell in the front squat and clean is high on the shoulders and close to the neck. Every millimeter matters. If the weight is racked further forward on the body and resting primarily in the hands, the weight is going to feel much heavier, it will be more difficult to maintain an upright torso, and ultimately it will make it more difficult to complete the lift. . . . . . . . On the flip side, if you receive the bar high on your shoulders and keep your torso upright, you shouldn’t even need to have your hands on the bar to support it. If your hand(s) slip on a clean as you turn your elbows over, you should still be able to salvage the lift if you rack it high on the shoulders. . . . . . . . As preparation for the push press or jerk, having the bar high on the shoulders and resting on the body also allows the lifter to maximize the force transmission through the floor and into the bar. If the bar is resting primarily in the hands and low on the shoulders or even down in the chest area, the amount of force one can put into the bar is greatly diminished. Allowing the bar to slide down the shoulders during the dip phase also reduces the effectiveness of the leg drive. Remember that the bar’s upward trajectory is initiated by LEG DRIVE. To maximize the force going into the bar, rest the bar on a solid shelf created by the shoulders. When full extension on the leg drive is achieved, the bar will rise off the shoulders. The arms then take over to elevate the bar in the push press or push the athlete down under the bar in the jerk. . . . . . . . Key things to remember…Don’t “drop” and “catch”. Pull yourself down and around the bar, meeting it at the top of its upward trajectory, turn those elbows around fast, rack that bar high on the shoulders, and keep the bar there til you’re ready to punch it over your head. . . . . . . . #clean #jerk #squat #frontsquat @rayregno @mikeburgener

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