You can’t excel in CrossFit, MMA, gymnastics (etc) if you have a weak grip.

Most of your gains in grip strength will come as you build total body strength by consistently doing (grip intensive) compound movements like pull-ups, rope climbs and deadlifts.

That said, if you (as a single example) find yourself resting between reps of touch-and-go hang cleans for no other reason than your grip is too tired, and you simply can’t hang on to the bar, then doing some direct forearm/grip training could benefit you.

Again, holding onto standard barbells and pull-up bars can get you a long way, but at some point adding some variety to your training may be what you need to kickstart some new strength gains.

This episode shows you that variety. I don’t show a bunch of “technique” in this episode. It’s more of a long list of exercises you can cycle into you your programming to help give your grip a new stimulus for growth.

Hope you dig it.

-Doug (@douglaselarson)

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