The last workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open will be announced on Thursday at 5pm Pacific Time.

On the Open so far and what awaits athletes on 20.5, Dave Castro said:

“Good four weeks but nothing is gonna compare to week 5. Nothing. None of the other tests we’ve ever done.”

How to watch CrossFit Open workout 20.5 live announcement

The last live announcement will be streamed live from Reebok CrossFit One, with a pre-show scheduled 25 minutes before the main event (4:35pm PST or 7:35pm EST).

Games podium athletes Annie Thorisdottir and Pat Vellner will go head to head on the live announcement. The second urged fans to “Tune in as we determine who is the fittest red head on earth!!!”

The livestream will be hosted on Reebok’s website.


The French Throwdown will also live stream the last 2020 Open announcement. French National Champion Willy Georges will face off against American athlete Streat Hoerner, who currently sits 18th in the Open worldwide leaderboard.

Both are two-times CrossFit Games athletes with ample experience under their belts. Hoerner is a three-times Regionals athlete and finished the 2019 Open ranked 14th worldwide, whilst Georges is a three-times National Champion, 33rd at the 2019 Open and 21st at the Games.

Just like with 20.1, the announcement will be streamed on the French Throwdown’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

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20.5 – The Open FR/ (See English below) Dans la nuit du 7 au 8 Novembre 2019, l'équipe du @frenchthrowdown s'associera à @gowod_mobilityfirst et @crossfitcastelnaulelez pour annoncer le 20.5, dernière épreuve de l'Open des CrossFit Games 2020. Nous aurons le privilège de voir s'affronter @iamwillgeorges et @streathoerner Willy Georges champion national Français de l'édition 2019 de l'Open et avec deux participations aux Games affrontera Streat Hoerner actuellement 18ème mondial de l'Open 2020 qui a également participé deux fois aux Games. Nous espérons voir toute la communauté Française se rassembler pour cette dernière annonce de l'édition 2020 à Montpellier pour supporter les deux athlètes à 2h du matin. Vous pourrez aussi regarder l'annonce en live sur le Youtube et Facebook du French Throwdown. EN/ In the night of the 7 to 8th of November 2019, the French Throwdown team together with the team from @gowod_mobilityfirst and @crossfitcastelnaulelez will announce 20.5, the last workout of the 2020 CrossFit Games Open. For this workout, we are lucky to have @iamwillgeorges and @streathoerner Willy Georges, French national champion in 2019 will proudly represent France against Streat Hoerner, currently 18th in the 2020 Open. Both Willy and Streat have taken part two times in the Games. We hope the whole French community will join us for this last 2020 announcement in Montpellier to push these two great athletes at 2am. You will also be able to watch the announcement live on the youtube and facebook of the French Throwdown. #ftd20 #frenchthrowdown #crossfit #crossfitfrance #gowod #mobilityfirst

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The CrossFit Open workout 20.5 live announcement will also be broadcast by the Lowlands Throwdown.

Leonie Henrich, Dutch 2019 National Champion, Elwin Ter Avest, the “Dutch Viking” and Zachary van Dorp, who currently sits first in the Netherlands will all face off dung the announcement in Haarlem.

Punk CrossFit in Brazil will also host an announcement, but athlete rosters are yet to be fully announced.

You can watch all CrossFit Open workout 20.5 live announcements on the CrossFit Games website.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.5 News from Tia-Clair Toomey

There won’t be much of a break between the end of the Open and the start of the Sanctionals season, which kicks off on November 22 in Ireland at the Filthy 150.

Best of luck to everyone on the last week of the 2020 Open!

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