317 Snatch! Shown here is the 15 FAILS before it too. This was during the CF Lift-Off competition last yr. In normal training I would’ve went down & came back up. But for this comp I was being stubborn & too hardheaded. The biggest determining factor for your success is WILLPOWER.

317snatch last wknd, cool. Shown here 15 FAILS prior to making it lol! Rode the struggle bus big time but just kept swinging away. In a normal training session I would’ve went down & came back up. But for this comp I was too hardheaded. Nothing in life is handed to us…We must TAKE what we want.-PS- Get 10% off these Virus | Action Sport Performance pants or Position USA shoes w code: EndertonAF

Posted by Jared Enderton on Freitag, 11. November 2016

5 Training Tips to Improve your Snatch Technique

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