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The beta version of our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Powerlifting Coaching system has arrived and will give you the most individualized and responsive powerlifting programming of any product available. This is not a template, this is totally individualized for you based upon the Scientific Principles of Strength Training and adjusted for your…



-Strength in Squat, Bench and Deadlift



-Lifestyle Factors like Diet, Sleep and Stress

-Historical Workload and Recovery Ability

With this information, the Juggernaut AI Coaching system will create a program specifically for you with…

-Individualized Minimum Effective Volume and Maximum Recoverable Volume thresholds

-Optimized Training Frequency

-Personalized Phase Periodization Strategy

-Exercise Selection Based Upon Your Weakpoints

The individualization of your program doesn’t stop when it is created though, it continues to adapt and grow with your feedback. The program dynamically adjusts at many levels including…

-Intra Session. The weights of your top set will adjust based on your feedback during warmups and back down sets/secondary exercises change based on the weight you use in your primary exercise.

-Intra Week. Your performance in a primary session earlier in the week will influence subsequent sessions later in the week.

-Week to Week. Based on your numbers, fatigue and feedback from this week’s session, the system will adjust your session for the following weeks.

-Cycle to Cycle. The system will look at your numbers and fatigue averages for the entire training cycle and adjust your deload and next training cycle accordingly.

We are so excited for the release of Juggernaut AI Coaching and truly feel that it is unparalleled in the customization and attention to detail it will provide to you as a lifter. Join this program in the Beta stage to lock in the lowest price Juggernaut AI Coaching will ever be and help us refine the system even more to create the best programming possible as we prepare Juggernaut AI Coaching for its release as a Mobile App in early 2019.

NOTE: AI Coaching can only be purchased with Credit Card, if you try to use PayPal you will get a sold out message. Only Credit Cards will work

How It Works?

-When you sign up for Juggernaut AI Coaching you will receive an email with your Initial Questionnaire, when you respond to that the System will create your program.

-During the 4th week of your training block, you will receive an email with another questionnaire to help the system stay updated on your performance and give you the best program possible.

-Juggernaut AI Coaching Beta is $27 and billed every 28 days, less than $1/day for totally customized powerlifting programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this program be able to take into account current injuries?

A: Yes, while it shouldn’t supersede the recommendations of a Physical Therapist, there are injury rehab protocols built in to the system to help you get back to Squatting, Benching and Deadlifting.


Q: How many days per week is the training?

A: You can tell the system how many days/week you want to train, between 3 and 6 days/week and it will find the best frequency of primary lifts within that structure. Plus, if the system thinks that you will really benefit from 1 more day/week than you requested, it will notify you of that in case you want to make a change.


Q: Does this account for what equipment you have access to?

A: Yes, that is part of the initial questionnaire and it will only give you exercises that you can perform with that equipment. Beyond that, Chad’s program design is not reliant on much specialty equipment.


Q: Can this prepare you for a specific meet date?

A: Yes, the system can handle any length of training blocks (from 4+ weeks) to specifically prepare you for your competition date. Part of this process is the system finding the right mix of Hypertrophy, Strength and Peaking phases for your needs and timeframe.


Q: Does this system take into account if we are trying to gain weight/maintain/lose weight?

A: Yes, the athlete’s bodyweight goals are taken into account and influence the different volume thresholds of the program and phase proportions.


Q: What is the Beta pricing and how long will it last?

A: The Beta price is $27 and will stay at that at least through early December.

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