Mattie Rogers spells it out clearly:

“Had to check myself today. Came in after school tired, pissy and feeling sorry for myself because of stress, but then I realized: everyone’s fucking stressed. Everyone has shit going on. I am stressed because I take on things that will lead to what I want. If I don’t want to be stressed, fine, don’t do so much. But I know what I want. I know the life that I want. And I know what needs to be done to get there. Balancing 4,6,15 different things is just part of it. Complaining about being stressed or having so much to do is literally saying “well, I want this and that, but I don’t really want to work for it”. Fuck that. Know what you want, and work for.”

Check out these awesome videos of Mattie lifting:

Weightlifting Motivation from Mattie Rogers

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