Hey All,

Juggernaut is excited to announce that we will be running Online Powerlifting and Weightlifting Meets through our Club Coaching Programs.

Both of these meets will give athletes a low stress way to introduce themselves to competition and get feedback from our expert staff of coaches.

We will be helping you prepare for these meets through a full training cycle, as part of Club Weightlifting and Club Powerlifting Programs.

The training cycle for the Club Weightlifting Meet will begin on Monday, March 20th and the meet will be conducted on the weekend of June 11th, this coincides with the USAW Juggernaut Summer Showd0wn-so if you want this meet to be more than just Online, sign up for that meet and compete at JuggernautHQ.

The training cycle for the Club Powerlifting Meet will begin on Monday, March 27th and the meet will be conducted on the weekend of June 17-18th.

Both of these programs are written through the same type of Phasic Structure (General/Hypertrophy, Strength and Peaking training) that Max Aita and Chad Wesley Smith use to develop Team Juggernaut athletes.

Prizes for the Best Lifters (Male and Female) in each the Powerlifting and Weightlifting Meets will include a Virus Intl Duffle Bag, Full Line of Grind Sports Nutrition Supplements and Juggernaut Apparel. Other prizes will also be awarded for individual lifts and other achievements.

We are looking forward to these being great experiences for all involved to improve their training, technique and strength.



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