The Front Squat is a foundational movement to build quad strength, positioning for weightlifting and the ability to recover from heavy cleans before you drive a heavy jerk overhead. Team Juggernaut Head Weightlifting Coach Max Aita is one of the strongest front squatters of all-time with a 272kg/600# PR at 91kg/200# bodyweight and in this series, shares his expertise with you to improve your technique and performance in the Front Squat.

The Front Rack

Holding the bar in the right place is the first key to a successful Front Squat. In this video, Max discusses hand placement on the bar and where on your shoulders the bar should rest.

Are you struggling with the necessary mobility for the Front Rack? Dr. Quinn Henoch is here to help:

Breathing & Bracing

For many lifters, the limiting factor in the Front Squat is the ability to stay upright. The chest tipping forward and hips shooting up and back makes it very easy to keep the bar in place and if you’re standing up a max clean, can sap your energy before the jerk. In this installment, Max discusses how to best breathe and brace to lock in a strong position under heavy weight.

The Setup

Putting your feet in the right position in the Front Squat is important in regards to lifting the most weight, as well as maximizing transfer of training to the Clean.

The Descent

Proper foot pressure, knee position and tempo are all critical to optimizing your descent in the Front Squat.

The Ascent

This is where the magic happens. Max discusses knee position, hip position and movement patterning to maximizing your Front Squat strength.

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