Ice Breaker III

Ice Breaker III

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Ice Breaker III

Things are changing in the CrossFit Open world. For 2019 and beyond there will be CrossFit-sanctioned events that qualify athletes for The Games. Consequently athletes must get used to competing at a high level in order to qualify. This event will help do that.

At the same time new athletes simply need to learn what it’s actually like to compete in this sport. And ultimately most compete for the most basic reasons: it’s fun; it keeps us improving and hitting goals; and we like slamming bars to loud music.

So grab a partner and head over to Unbreakable for fair test of your fitness!! These are the options:

  • Rx Male/Male
  • Rx Female/Female
  • Scaled Male/Male
  • Scaled Female/Female

There will be prizes for everyone on the podium as well as for the winners for each event. This event and Summer Bash have sold out the last two years, and we cap it 120 athletes.

There will be three WODs + some sort of extra events, either floater WODs or other tests. Top four teams will make the finals. The scoring will be cumulative. T-shirt is included.



Anything goes. But there are certain things you couldn’t see until the finals: pistols, hand stand push-ups and walks, Atlas stones for load, sleds, tire flips, kegs and sand bags. You could see everything else in the main WODs, strength tests, and floater WODs.


You could see any barbell movement for a strength test. Things you won’t see at all: muscle ups, double unders, hand stand movements of any kind, pistols, rope climbs, toes to bar, chest to bar pull-ups, WOD weights over #95/65. You will have to do pull-ups at some point.


CrossFit Unbreakable
Contact:  Jim Beebe


CrossFit Unbreakable
2198 Reeves Road, Building 2A
Plainfield, IN 46168
Map Link


– 7:00 AM EST:  Event Check In
– 8:15 AM EST:  Event Begins
– 5:00 PM EST:  Competition Ends


Coming soon…



What does “run a gauntlet” mean? To “run the gauntlet” is to take part in a form of corporal punishment in which the party judged guilty is forced to run between two rows of soldiers who strike out and attack them.

Well, the Unbreakable version is a bit different…We will test skills, gymnastics, cardio conditioning, and strength all in one WOD.

10 Minute EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

One partner works while the other rests. Each minute will start with one partner completing 30 DUs (40 SUs-Scaled). In the time remaining, the other partner will complete an AMRAP of that movement at that particular station. In the next minute, the roles are reversed. Each team will complete all 10 minutes to the best of their ability. The WOD will end after 10 minutes OR if one partner cannot complete 30 DUs (40 SUs-Scaled). The score is the total number of reps for the 10 minutes.


Minute 1: Burpees to a target.

Minute 2: Box overs 24″/20″

Minute 3: Clean and Press/Jerk #185/125

Minute 4: Snatch #155/100

Minute 5: Rope Climbs

Minute 6: Toes To Bar

Minute 7: Thrusters #95/65

Minute 8: Dead Lifts #405/225

Minute 9: Bar Muscle Ups

Minute 10: Dumb Bell Overhead Squats #55/35 (one bell)


Minute 1: Burpees to a target.

Minute 2: Box overs 24″/20″

Minute 3: Clean and Press/Jerk #135/85

Minute 4: Snatch #95/65

Minute 5: Pull-Ups

Minute 6: Hanging Knee Raises

Minute 7: Thrusters #95/65

Minute 8: Dead Lift #275/135

Minute 9: Wall Ball Sit-Ups #20/14

Minute 10: Dumb Bell Overhead Squat #35/25 (one bell)

Here is an example for a Men’s Rx Team.

NOTE: Athletes MUST alternate on the DUs and the movements.

NOTE: Athletes can continue through The Gauntlet without registering a score in every movement.

NOTE: The required athlete must complete the DUs for each round OR the WOD ends for the team.

Minute 1: Partner A completes 30 DUs. Partner B completes 10 burpees to a target. (Score is 10).

Minute 2: Partner B completes 30 DUs. Partner A completes 12 box overs. (Score is 22).

Minute 3: Partner A completes 30 DUs. Partner B completes 6 cleans and press. (Score is 28).

Minute 4: Partner B completes 30 DUs. Partner A completes 7 snatches. (Score is 35).

Minute 5: Partner A completes 30 DUs. Partner B completes 0 rope climbs. (Score is 35).

Minute 6: Partner B completes 30 DUs. Partner A completes 12 toes to bar. (Score is 47).

Minute 7: Partner A completes 30 DUs. Partner B completes 9 thrusters. (Score is 56).

Minute 8: Partner B completes 30 DUs. Partner A completes 5 dead lifts. (Score is 61).

Minute 9: Partner A completes 30 DUs. Partner B completes 0 bar muscle ups. (Score is 61).

Minute 10: Partner B completes 30 DUs. Partner A completes 9 dumb bell overhead squats. (Score is 70).


First Strength Test: Complex

Teams will have 6 minutes to establish the heaviest complex Total for both athletes.  The combined weight for both athletes will be the score for this event. The team will share a bar and weights and will work within the same 6 minutes.

Complex = 1 Dead Lift + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Full Clean.

Dropping the weight within the complex will be a “No Rep.”

Second Strength Test: Overhead Press

Immediately following The Complex, athletes will establish a Total for the Overhead Press. Teams will have 6 minutes to get a 3RM (rep max) for a “Shoulder To Overhead” press. Athletes can take the weight from the rack and use any press they like: strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk, or being-the-neck jerk. Both athletes will have a number, and the combined weight will be the score for this component.

The combined scores from The Complex and the Overhead Press will be the teams’ combined Totals, and that will be the overall score for this event.

Straight Gas

Did you do Ice Breaker II?? If so…

12 min EMOM(Every Minute On the Minute)

Odd minutes: Athlete 1 works.

Even minutes: Athlete 2 works.

Each minute the working Athlete will start with 10 Front Squats. Weight will be taken from the deck. In the time remaining in that minute, the working Athlete will complete as many kettle bell box overs as possible. After each minute, the athletes will rotate so only one is working while the other is resting. Note: Scaled Women will NOT have to carry weight over the boxes, just body weight.


  • Front Squat weight: #135/95
  • Box: 24″/20″
  • Athletes carry 2 kettle bells over the box: #53/35


  • Front Squat weight: #95/65
  • Box: 24″/20″
  • Male athletes carry 2 kettle bells over the box. Men: #35. Women: no kettle bells. Just bodyweight.

Sozo Technologies will be one of our sponsors for Ice Breaker III. If you are looking for help with anything web page related…check them out.

For our event, the individual that wins Floater 1 WOD will receive a $25 Rogue Gift Card, compliments of Sozo. That’s a winner for Men Rx and Scaled + Women Rx and Scaled.

What is the first Floater WOD???

Max rep bench press.

Rx: #225/125

Scaled: #185/85

We saw bench press in the 2018 CrossFit Regionals, and we will see it at Ice Breaker.

The athletes will have 1 attempt to complete max reps. Wrist wraps are allowed. No bouncing off the chest. Butt must remain in contact with the bench. Fully lock out the press. No bench shirts are allowed.

Arm-Over-Arm sled pull with rope. One athlete will pull a rope attached to a sled for 50 feet. Athletes may stand and use any technique possible. The time cap for the event is 60 seconds. The sled will be on rubber flooring. Weights are as follows.

Men Rx: 235lbs.
Men Scaled: 190lbs.

Women Rx: 145lbs.
Women Scaled: 100lbs.



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January 29, 2018

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