The final results:

Male / Female Competition

  1. MUSCLE MOUNTAIN (Sam Briggs / Adrian Mundwiler)
  2. BARBELLNER (Lindy Barber / Pat Vellner)
  3. TEAM SVENGELSKA (Mia Akerlund / Phil Hesketh)

Male / Male Competition

  1. MONSTER BACK (Bertek Lipka / Bronislaw Olenkowitz)
  2. THE GAINTREE (Jonas Schmidt / Joshua Wichtrup)
  3. KRAFTMULLER (Alexander Schmitt / Zach Woods)

Sam Briggs and Adrian Mundwiler have often trained together, and the combination of two Games Athletes proved too much for the other teams. The excellently named “Barbellner” team finished in second place.

That swim pump! #crossfit #fitness @swissalpinebattle @foodspring @boxptequipment

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DAY3 – EVENT 7 – Classic Chipper • • #swissalpinebattle #CrossFit #sab17 #villars #teamcompetition 📸: @rxdphotography

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Flip it! Day 3 – Event 6 • • • • #swissalpinebattle #CrossFit #sab17 #villars #teamcompetition 📸: @rxdphotography

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