Understanding the principles upon which effective programming is built is critical to being able to create effective strategies to help athletes improve their strength. To help you achieve this goal, we have put our most popular video series Scientific Principles of Strength Training all in 1 place for you, watch and learn.


This principle creates a framework for all other decision making in program design.


Smart training is hard training and the Principle of Overload dictates that training must be significantly stimulating to drive adaptation and must become harder over time.

Fatigue Management

Hard training that is specific to your goals is paramount for success but if you don’t properly manage fatigue, than your training will not be sustainable.

Stimulus Recovery Adaptation

Organizing training into an effective sequence of providing stimulus and allowing your body to recover from and adapt to that stimulus is our next guiding principle.


Strategically changing exercises and loading strategies is critical to avoiding injury, staleness and maximizing long term success.

Phase Potentiation

The strategic sequencing of different phases of training which are specifically aimed at certain goals will help maximize competitive success over the long term.

Individual Differences

Adjusting training based on gender, experience, abilities and other factors is the final principle needed to optimize training.

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