Strength training for Weightlifting aims to build force production in the legs, back and shoulders, while also balancing the mobility and speed qualities needed for success in the sport. Developing the strength needed to make huge lifts requires strategic planning and great technique to ensure high carryover from strength lifts to classical lifts.

We have assembled some of our favorite videos regarding technique and programming for squatting, pressing and pulling, many of these concepts have helped Juggernaut produce multiple National Champions and American Record Holders over the past few years.

The Front Squat is the foundational movement for strength in Weightlifting, here is a detailed look at all aspects of its technique:

While strength is tremendously important for Weightlifting, it must be strategically developed in order to avoid sacrificing speed or technical qualities. Max Aita, Juggernaut Head Weightlifting Coach, lays out our strategies for developing strength within the context of an effective program.

Squat strength is going to be highly influential to success in Weightlifting but to optimize your results, well rounded strength throughout the whole body is necessary. The General Phase of training is critical to build a foundation upon which great results can happen.

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