Nick Massie of is back in the kitchen, this time to share the recipe for his Super Radical tri-tip with balsamic apple compote.

Massie begins by prepping two baking sheets for the yams and tri-tip.

“Any meal that starts with two foil-lined sheet pans is a winner in my book,” he says.

He then pats a liberal amount of Super Radical Rib Rub onto both sides of the tri-tip and tosses extra spices into the pan to mingle with the juices during the cooking process.

Next he turns his attention to the compote, dicing the onions, julienning the apples and then adding everything to a hot skillet to draw out the sugars. He finishes the caramelized sauce with some balsamic vinegar and a little water to deglaze.

Massie says it’s important to rest the tri-tip before slicing and to cut across the grain rather than with it. After he divides the meat and potatoes into equal “Zoned-out” servings, it’s meal time.

To download the recipe for Super Radical tri-tip, click here.

Massie is the instructor for the CrossFit Specialty Course Culinary Ninja, which is designed to give you confidence in the kitchen while you learn the basics of balanced recipe development as informed by CrossFit’s nutrition principles.

Click here for more information and a list of upcoming CrossFit Culinary Ninja courses.

Video by Nick Massie.

4min 42sec

Additional reading: “Between Steer and Steak” by Hilary Achauer, published Dec. 6, 2013.

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