What’s good Shrugged crew. This week we are coming at you with a familiar guest, Brian Mackenzie (@iamunscared). For those of you who don’t know him, Brian is the founder of CrossFit® Endurance, the author of Power, Speed, Endurance, and works with some of the top athletes in performance sport, such as CrossFit®, surfing and endurance athletics.

We dropped into RVCA headquarters to chat with Brian about a performance metric that is so often not talked about, breath. We dive deep into how you can use breath as a tool to control the nervous system, and bring your training to the next level by simple learning how to tap into your breathing pattern

We also get into how Brian is using things like ice bathes, sauna, and the unique combination of the two to control the body. We brought Brian on the show to chat about performance breathing, but naturally, we couldn’t stop at that. We get into training philosophy, nature integration, and a bunch of topics to get your gears turning in a new way.





For more:

Find Brian at his website Power Speed Endurance

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