In The Strong Coach Season 1 Epilogue, Mike talks to Danny Rios, a graduate of The Strong Coach program. Danny is co-owner of F3 Athletics Home of Imperial Beach CrossFit and has always been passionate about helping people improve their lives.

Danny has always been an athlete and accomplished his goal of attending college on an athletic scholarship for football. He holds a degree in Exercise Science, as well as multiple certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Mobility, and USAW Level 1.

In this episode,  we talk about how much can you grow and accomplish in 5 years, how identity and beliefs shape our reality, what Danny got out of The Strong Coach program, what it means to be a Strong Coach, what Danny got out of Training Camp for the Soul, and more.


– Mike

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Resources: F3 Athletics Home of Imperial Beach CrossFitThe Strong Coach Website

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