When the two-time fittest woman on earth and Olympic weightlifter Tia Toomey posts a tip online, you better believe the fitness community listens. Toomey recently posted her “go-to” snatch warm-up on her Instagram account, and it’s received over 300,000 views.

Check out what Toomey does to get every joint, head-to-toe ready to drop under some big weight. All barbell movements are with an empty bar:

5 inch worms
5 behind-the-neck snatch grip presses
5 behind-the-neck snatch grip presses in a quarter squat
5 Sots presses
5 continuous jumping squats with barbell in back rack
10 Ninja squats (5 on each side) with barbell in back rack
5 hang muscle snatches

Video below. Happy snatching!

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Here is my go-to Snatch Warm that gets me mobile and ready Snatch every time. ??‍♀️ FYI I’m using my @roguefitness Barbell! ? – Perform 5 reps of every movement in this order: > Inch Worms > Snatch Grip (Behind the head) Press > Snatch Grip (Behind the head) Press in a Quarter Squat > Snatch Grip (Behind the head) Sots Press > Jumping Squats with barbell on back (continuous) > Ninja Squats on either side (ideally with the barbell on your back but you can take it off if you can not balance.) > Muscle Snatch from the Hang > Then perform what every Snatch your about to do. ? – & YOU READY TO GO! ?? Tag a mate who would like this warm up. …….……….……….……….……….……….……….……….……….… If your an aspiring athlete or coach that wishes to take their training / athletes to the next level head to my website (tiaclair.com) or the link in my bio and sign up to my #TFitness online program. We have had so much great feedback and so glad everyone is really enjoying it. ?? Keep Up the Great Work!

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