1. Lydia Valentin (75, Spain) – 150kg/331lb Back Squat double
2. Iryna Dekha (75, Ukraine) – 130kg/286lb Clean and Squat Jerk
3. Ruben Aleksanyan (105+, Armenia) – 220kg/485lb Clean and Jerk
4. Simon Martirosyan (105, Armenia) – 175kg/385lb Snatch
5. Max Lang (77, Germany) – 140kg/308lb Snatch
6. Brandon Vautard (85, France) – 220kg/485lb Front Squat
7. Marcos Ruiz (105, Spain) – 170kg/375lb Snatch
8. Mart Seim (105+, Estonia) – 310kg/683lb Back Squat double

10 Reasons Why Strength Training is Important for Female Athletes

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