Hall was a gifted swimmer when he was younger, competing at swimming meets alongside Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington in the British Swimming world-class potential programme. A gold medal has always been something that he has dreamed of.

“I thrived off winning, beating records and the attention. I was fascinated with human evolution and progress,” Hall says. “I was looking up to my hero Mark Foster and Olympic gold medalists, saying that I would one day be there.”

In an interview with the British Newspaper The Express, Hall stated:

“It has crossed my mind to enter weightlifting and win a medal for my country,” he says. “No one that can put over 200kg over their head. I can do it without any technique. So I could maybe test the waters.”

The Beast has now retired from the world stage

“Being this size and this weight is a dark place,” he admits. “All the organs are under pressure.

“I want to get my life back, sleep properly and put my own shoes and socks on. I want to be able to sit on a plane and not bulge over two seats. I haven’t had a holiday in seven years. I got married four years ago and still haven’t had my honeymoon.”

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