These muscle building foods will help you improve your growth, recovery, performance and overall health. 

A no meat diet opens up a whole new world of culinary opportunities. By breaking out of fixed cooking habits habitually learned through tradition and repetition, many of us have found foods & flavors that we didn’t even know about.

When you switch to a vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan diet, you have a range of new plant proteins at your disposal to prove just how delicious & nutritious food should be. Plan your proteins ahead of time so that you never leave yourself lacking. Here are five muscle building meals for a no meat diet to use as-is or to inspire custom protein-rich ideas of your own.

Bean Burger Patties

muscle building burger

Black beans, broad beans, black-eyed peas, and butter beans all make great burger patties. Play around with your herbs & spices to get the exact flavor profile that you’re looking for but don’t skip over making your own bean burgers. Once you get the recipe right, they taste better than any pre-packaged frozen burger and cost a fraction of the price too. Each type of bean gives a different taste and texture.

Try roasting your beans once they’re cooked before combining them into a burger patty. All that you need to do is mince some onion, perhaps pre-frying according to your preference. Cook up your beans in a stock allowing them to cook super soft and dry. Blend your beans, minced onion, some breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, herbs, and spices – coriander & parsley are a must – and either a little oil or coconut butter.

Add in an egg or some chickpea flour, and then thicken with cornflour until your mix reaches a dense consistency. Now it’s time for pan frying. If your burgers come out a little undercooked, finish them off in the oven.

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