We challenge you to improve your mental fitness by reading our Founder and CEO’s CrossFit Journal articles.

“When we explained that we thought our workouts were so effective that if we were to post one every day, someone would eventually find them, try them, have great results, and come back and tell friends, the dot-comers laughed heartily and condescendingly chortled, ‘Ahhhh, the old grassroots approach!’”

Greg Glassman wrote that in the 2005 CrossFit Journal article “www.crossfit.com.”

On Feb. 10, 2001, the first workout of the day went up on CrossFit.com. Starting in September 2002, CrossFit’s Founder and CEO supported these workouts with the CrossFit Journal, originally an e-zine emailed to subscribers. In 2008, the publication evolved to the website your currently see—“Journal 3.0” as it was called in a retrospective that announced the new site.

Just as the emailed monthly zine reached its end in 2008, Journal 3.0 is approaching its end. CrossFit.com was revamped earlier this year, and we’re currently working on a significant upgrade to the CrossFit Journal.

Journal 4.0 will include all the features you would expect: responsive web design, improved navigation and searchability, social-media integration, modern content presentation and so on.

With our current format nearing the end of utility—and with reference to “The Glassman Chipper” that presented our founder’s first 38 CrossFit Journal articles—we’re showcasing Glassman’s written work from April 2004 to August 2007 below.

By summer of 2007, the first CrossFit Games were in the books, affiliate numbers were growing and the seminar schedule included increasing amounts of travel. Luckily, Glassman had amassed a growing number of Journal contributors who could carry the momentum he had built when it was time to delegate writing duties and attend to other aspects of CrossFit Inc.


Presented below are 47 Glassman articles, many of which are buried in our blog format. They range from technical pieces to works of fitness philosophy, critical responses and workout prescriptions. The latter category—the Grinder series—contains 13 named workouts designed for larger crews to complete in austere conditions. These workouts are programmed far less frequently than Fran and Helen, but coaches managing large groups should consider them a great resource.

Perhaps prime among the articles is “Virtuosity,” a call to action that’s no less inspiring today than it was in 2005.

But don’t just read that one.

The pursuit of virtuosity dictates that you read them all.

CrossFit Journal Glassman Chipper, Part 2

For time, read all articles listed below from start to finish in order:

“The Moves,” published April 2004.

“CFJ 21: Zone Meal Plans,” published May 2004.

“What About Cardio?” published June 2004.

“Ring Strength,” published July 2004.

“Why Fitness,” published July 2004.

“Assistance for Bodyweight Exercises,” published August 2004.

“The Kettlebell Swing,” published September 2004.

“Medicine Ball Cleans,” published September 2004.

“A Beginners Guide to CrossFit,” published October 2004.

“‘The Girls’ for Grandmas,” published October 2004.

“Pullup Challenge,” published November 2004.

“The New Girls,” published November 2004.

“CrossFit PT” published December 2004.

“What About Recovery?” published January 2005.

“Gymnastics and Tumbling,” published February 2005.

“Fooling Around With Fran,” published March 2005.

“Kipping Pullups,” published April 2005.

“Working Wounded,” published May 2005.

“Garage Gym II: The Revolution,” published July 2005.

“The Overhead Squat,” published August 2005.

“Digital Coaching,” (with Mike Burgener) published August 2005.

“Virtuosity,” published August 2005.

“The Lifting Shoulder,” published September 2005.

“The Glute-Ham Developer Situp,” published October 2005.

“CrossFit Induced Rhabdo” published October 2005.

“Skill Transfer Exercises for the Snatch,” published November 2005.

“www.crossfit.com,” published December 2005.


“Scaling Professional Training,” published January 2006.

“Professional Training,” published January 2006.

“Validity of CrossFit Tested,” published January 2006.

“The Scoop and the Second Pull,” published January 2006.

“The Grinder: CrossFit Operations Order #1 ‘CHAD,’” published July 2006.

“The AOFP CrossFit Austere Program,” (with Wade Rutland and J.T. Williams) published August 2006.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #2: CARLA,” published September 2006.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #3: VICTORIA,” published October 2006.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #4: YBF,” published November 2006.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #5: PATRICIA,” published December 2006.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #6: GOMEZ,” published January 2007.

“Evidence-Based Fitness Discussion,” published January 2007.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #7: DYER,” published February 2007.

“The Grinder: CrossFit Frago #8: SHANE,” published March 2007.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #9: GIROUARD,” published April 2007.

“Understanding CrossFit,” published April 2007.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #10: NOLAN,” published May 2007.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #11: LEGER,” published June 2007.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #12: PALMER,” published July 2007.

“The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #13: SHORTY,” published August 2007.

About the Author: Mike Warkentin is the managing editor of the CrossFit Journal and the founder of CrossFit 204.

Photo credits: Dave Re/CrossFit Journal

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