IPF Worlds Training

Team Juggernaut’s squad of IPF Worlds bound lifters: Marisa Inda (52kg Open), Meg Scanlon (57kg Open), Kristen Dunsmore (72kg Open), Maddy Forberg (57kg Junior) and Jo Ann Aita (57kg Masters 1), come together with coaches Chad Wesley Smith and Max Aita to...

Sport Performance Pillars | Exercise Classification and Selection

What is better for the athlete, front squats or back squats? Deadlifts or Olympic Lifts? Chad explains his process of exercise selection for Sport Performance The post Sport Performance Pillars | Exercise Classification and Selection appeared first on Juggernaut...

Sports Performance Pillars | Understanding Specificity

What do athletes need to focus on to succeed? Understanding the movement and energetic demands of different sports and different players within those sports is critical to maximizing the effectiveness of their training. The post Sports Performance Pillars |...
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