Fundamentals and Personal Training

Forging Unbreakable Athletes

Introductory Class

For most CrossFit Unbreakable athletes, their first attempt at CrossFit occurs at our Intro Class. It happens one time, and it is our initial assessment of the athlete’s abilities. We can learn a lot from an athlete from their first session; but it can take up to a few weeks before we are fully comfotable with what he/she can do, and visa versa. This session lays out the general framework for which we conduct a training session. We discuss the order of training. We demonstrate and facilitate a warm up as well as a strength and conditioning session. The athlete should have a decent idea of how CrossFit works at your box. It’s also a good opportunity for athletes to ask us questions and develop a feel for the “CFU Way.”

On Ramp One-On-One Sessions

On Ramp One-on-One sessions introduce the new Crossfit athlete to basic tecnniques for our main lifts, barbell movements, skill work, gymnastics work, kettle bell movements, and more. We have five specific training sessions for anyone new to training. There is still a conditioning aspect, but it isn’t as intense as our normal sessions, and will typically include learning one to two lifts. This is a chance for our coaches and athletes to establish the basic skills needed in order to train with the team. We will coordinate schedules with coaches and athletes for either morning, afternoon, or evening training times.

Personal Training

We also offer one-on-one and small group training. Some athletes are simply more comfortable in this type of setting. Others are newer to CrossFit and may require extra attention in order to ensure each athlete is moving properly and safely. A series of Personal Training sessions or simply a few sessions in order to hone a skill could make all the difference in an athlete’s performance.

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