What You Will Gain From a Strength and Conditioning Internship

You'll learn a lot from your strength and conditioning internship — but there are some things you might glean over. Keep these points in mind, and you'll get even more out of your internship than you thought possible.

Collegiate vs. Private Sector Strength and Conditioning with Brian Bott

What are the pros and cons of being a strength coach at the collegiate level or in the private sector? The similarities? The differences? Coach Brian Bott, former University of Wisconsin strength coach-turned-founder of Sports AdvantEDGE, tells all in an interview.

What I’ve Learned From the Mistakes I’ve Made as A Trainer

It’s great you can point out each origin and insertion of every muscle, but your client doesn’t care. Your end goal is to get your client results and to make them feel better about themselves — not getting them to the point where they're limping out of your gym.
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