Leg Workout of the Day with 8x8x8 Banded Leg Extensions

No, you're not seeing deja vu. This workout features: 1. Lying Leg Curls 2. Leg Extensions 3. Cambered Bar Squats 4. Banded Leg Extensions 5. Dumbbell Stiff-Legged Deads. Per the usual, click to see the sets, reps, equipment used for this leg workout, and find out...

Bodybuilding for the Powerlifter: The Hamstrings (with Sample Deadlift Routine)

In this "powerbuilding" article, we’re looking at hamstrings — a muscle group bodybuilders and strength athletes alike struggle to develop. If you’re naturally lower-body dominant, you don’t need to spend tons of time on 'em. But if you’ve got piglets instead of...

WATCH: What I’m Seeing and Why It’s Wrong: Fixing the Sumo Deadlift

elitefts coach and 2019 Stronger Sports Training Success Summit speaker Julia Anto has seen far too many social media lifts with poor form — enough to start up a video series to correct lifters' form. In the first video of the series, she fixes the sumo deadlift.

Workout of the Day: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps with Mark Dugdale

1. Incline Bench Press 2. Banded Dumbbell Flat Bench 3. Dips with Chains and Machine Flyes 4. Shoulder Press and High Lateral Plate Raises 5. Machine Laterals 6. Rear Delt Swings and Close Grip Bench — click to see the sets, reps, and equipment I used for this chest,...
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