LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip — Training Hard Through Chemotherapy

Training through chemotherapy took everything Clint Darden had. All in all, he believes it was important that he did. There was nothing else he’d rather do and no place he’d rather be.

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip — How Steroids Can Damage Long-Term Training Progress

Don’t do drugs. Negative side effects and addiction concerns aside, PEDs can really harm athletes’ long-term development and careers. They’re not worth losing the future gains over, we promise.

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast #37 with JM Blakley

Since you guys couldn’t get enough of him the first time, we’ve asked JM Blakley to come back to record another Table Talk Podcast episode. So sit back, relax, and listen to JM’s soothing voice instruct you on how to become a better...

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip — Dan Green on Using Intensity to Build Muscle

“…I’m using powerlifting lifts in a bodybuilding style…” Dan Green shares the secrets to building muscle as a powerlifter and as a bodybuilder.
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