Combining Dynamic Hip and Stabilization Drills for Runners

Strength training for runners is the chassis that underpins the abilities of speed and endurance to help these withstand practice and compete at a higher level — no meathead approach here! Plus, all you need for this program is a buddy and a band. Easy peasy.

15-Week Peak Program Using RPE

RPE training is great at helping you learn about your body on a daily level and what you can and cannot handle. Plus, you don't have to worry about percentages, which is a bonus if you're a powerlifter who isn't all about doing extra math.

A Conjugate-Triphasic Program for a PR Squat

It's hard to argue that triphasic training produces results. But what happens when you combine triphasic and conjugate training methods? I decided to find out with an experiment and apply it to my squat. The result: I added more than 50 pounds to my squat in 4 months.
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